What to Bring To Your First Meeting

Proof of Household Income

We need the last six months of paystubs for you and your spouse even if your spouse is not filing.

Addition proof of income such as retirement income, social security income and child support.

Prior Year Tax Returns

We need the last three years of tax returns and if you have not filed in the last three years the last one filed.

Credit Reports

We need copies of your credit reports.
You can get a copy free each year at Annual Credit Report 

 Credit Reports from the Big Three:

•        Experian: or call 1.800.682.7654
•        Transunion: or call 1.800.916.8800
•        Equifax: or call 1.800.685.1111


We list our fees on our main website
In addition we take the following legal plans

Creditor Phone Calls

Once we have decided to work together and we have received an agreed upon retainer you will be able to forward all your creditor phone calls to us.

How Soon Can I File

It all depends on you, how quick you get us the information that we need to file and to make sure we don’t have to wait for other reasons (divorce being finalized, length of time in the state to have jurisdiction etc.)